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China's 2016 official national holiday schedule
 It's so much easier to plan your trip to Hainan when you know the official holiday schedule in China! Now that the official national holiday schedule for 2016 has been released, we are looking forward to celebrating with you!

New Year

January 1 – 3 (3 days in total)

Spring Festival

February 7 – 13 (7 days in total)

February 6 (Saturday) and February 14 (Sunday) are official working days.

Tomb Sweeping Day

April 2-4 (3 days in total)

Labor Day

April 30-May 2 (3 days in total)

Dragon Boat Festival



June 9-11 (3 days in total)

June 12 (Sunday) is an official working day.

Mid-Autumn Festival


September 15-17(3 days in total)

September 18 (Sunday) is an official working day.

National Day

October 1 – October 7 (7 days in total)

October 8 (Saturday) and October 9 (Sunday) are official working days.


by Nicki Johnson

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