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Mystic Springs Golf Club




Designed by world-reknowned golf course architecture firm Nelson & Haworth, the 36-hole golf course spans across 150 hectares, and is divided into two 18-holes courses – the Mystic and Springs Courses, with lengths of 7175 yards and 7442 yards respectively. The layout of the golf course features mountains and water, and preserves a large portion of the natural heritage of the terrain. From high vantage points in the area, the National Seashore and the Wuzhizhou island can be admired in their natural splendour. The biodiversity within the golf course is conserved and protected as well as integrated into the design of the course.

Tropical gardens, fruit and flower orchards populate the natural outcrops of the land, while the courses themselves sprawl across undulating terrain that boasts up to a stunning 183 metres in elevation, creating an unforgettable experience for all golfers.

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Golf Club Address
Sanya Hot Springs Resort & Leisure Park, Hitom bay, Nantian Hot Springs, Hainan International Tourism Island, China Postal Code 520713

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