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Hundred year old trees produce seedless lychees in Hainan



Summer time is lychee time in Hainan, and while most people are familiar with the giant juicy Hainan lychees, what they may not realize is that Hainan also produces giant juicy SEEDLESS lychees!


Seedless lychees are a natural phenomenon. Some trees naturally produce these special lychees, with no pollination required! Some of the seedless lychee trees in Hainan are over 100 years old, and still produce fruit every summer. Impressive!




Unfortunately seedless lychee trees only produce about 40% as much fruit as their seeded cousins, which means that seedless lychees are pretty special. If you see some in the market, better buy them quick! There aren't many and they will be gone before you know it.




Most seedless lychees grow in pairs. So cute, they are twins! Twice the deliciousness...




To buy some Hainan seedless lychees for yourself, you can contact:


Ms. Zhang Li
Hainan Luqiao Agriculture & Farming Development 
Telephone: +86 138 7635 5761
Email: 56217151@qq.com 


by Nicki Johnson

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