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It's Wampee season in Danzhou, Hainan!



It's wampee season in Danzhou, Hainan! What's a wampee? It's a tropical fruit with a yellow skin (that you can eat or not, up to you). The yellow skin gives the fruit its Chinese name, 黄皮huángpí, which literally means “yellow skin”. Wampee has a grape like size and texture, but it's actually in the citrus family, so it has a light lemon-lime flavor. You've got to try it!


In addition to being yummy, wampee are good for you, and are traditionally used to treat bronchitis and other breathing difficulties and stomach ailments all over Southeast Asia. It's also good for the liver, and is both antiviral and antifungal, with tons of antioxidants. Nice!


For the best and freshest wampee, you'll want to head down to Danzhou, located about an hour southwest of Haikou's capital city, Haikou. There are lots of wampee orchards, especially in the area of Nangu Village, Dacheng Town, Danzhou. Some of the wampee trees in this area are over 300 years old, and still producing fruit every summer!




You can go right out to the orchard and pick your own wampee, fresh from the tree! Bring the kids and make a picnic in the shade of the wampee trees!


Where to go: Nangu Village, Dacheng Town, Danzhou, Hainan Province海南省儋州大成镇南吉村


by Nicki Johnson

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