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Visit Hainan's Top Ten Kid Friendly Hainan Activities
Bring your kids on out to have a great time here in Hainan! There's plenty to do and learn about for kids of all ages on this tropical island in the South China Sea! Here are a few of the best:


1. Go to the Zoo




Hainan has several zoos that your kids are going to go wild over. Drive right through the animal enclosures and see lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! At the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden you will take a safari style trip through the habitats of animals from around the world. In Sanya, head on over to Romance Park, where you will find the Sanya Color Zoo. After loving on some animals, see the Romance Park show!


2. Go to Summer Camp



Hainan now offers dozens of summer camps for kids! Little chefs should check out the Magic Kitchen Summer Camp at Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay, itty bitty beach lovers can learn to surf at the Riyue Bay Surf Camp, tiny soldiers ought to march right over to SEVEN DAYS SIX NIGHTS STAR WARS MILITARY SUMMER CAMP at Mission Hills Haikou, mini scientists will love the Magic Maker Carnival at Yalong Bay Sheraton Sanya Resort, and there are plenty of other fun summer camps all over the island! Send the kids off for a great time while you relax by the hotel pool!



3. Go to the Beach




What kid doesn't enjoy building sand castles and running through the waves at the beach? Hainan is a large island with so many different kinds of beaches to enjoy! Since each family is as unique as each of Hainan's beaches, I've put together a quick guide to finding which Hainan beach is perfect for you.


4. Go to the Dinosaur Museum


Daxiao Dongtian Cave Park


Many dinosaur fossils and even dinosaur eggs have been found in Hainan, and they are on display at a Dinosaur Museum located inside Daxiao Dongtian Cave Park, in Sanya. In addition to the exciting Dinosaur Museum, the large nature park has kid friendly sculptures that can be climbed on and posed with, and extensive mountain and seaside trails and some small caves great for running and playing outdoors.


5. Volunteer with Sea Turtles 911




Get your nature loving kids involved with an important nature conservancy program here in Hainan! At Sea Turtles 911, volunteers get to work directly with endangered sea turtles, nursing the amazing sea creatures back to health and releasing them when they are ready to live on their own! This is not only lots of fun, but also educational and fulfilling.


6. Go to the Space Museum




Science! Space! Rockets! The Space Museum, located at the Wenchang Space Launch Center, is sure to be a hit with the kids. Here they can see space flight relics, learn about new advances in space flight technology, and even try out some of the equipment firsthand! Check the launch schedule to see if you will also be lucky enough to witness a launch during your visit!



7. Go to a Water Park




Splish splash! What's even more fun than the beach? A water park with twisty slides and water rides! More and more giant water parks are opening here in Hainan, giving families plenty of options to enjoy. Check out the Sanya Water Park, the Sanya Langlanglang Water Park at Romance Park, the Water Park at Mangrove Tree Resort World Sanya Bay, and the soon to open Haikou Wet 'N Wild.


8. Go Hiking




Get out and burn off some of that energy with a fun nature hike! There are lots of great hiking spots here in Hainan, and they range in difficulty from very easy to quite difficult. Some of the most kid friendly hikes are the Eco-Trail at Mission Hills Haikou, where you can learn all about Hainan's plants and animals from your guide, and call a golf cart to pick you up if you get too tired; Luhuitou Park in Sanya, with spectacular views of the city from the top, and a regular trolley you can hop on and off of; and Dongshan in Wanning, where you will discover ancient temples, statues, and caves on your way to the top. Ride the cable car back down for a bit of fun and some great views! For more great Hainan hikes, check out our Hainan Hiking Guide.


9. Celebrate a Hainan Cultural Festival




Bring your kids along to experience any of Hainan's unique cultural festivals, where the whole family will be fascinated and entertained by the street parades, bamboo dances, traditional competitions like coconut rolling and water buffalo races, eye catching minority clothing, and great local specialty festival foods, like Danzhou zongzi or bamboo chicken rice.




These festivals are not only a wonderful opportunity to learn about Hainan culture, they also provide great backdrops for unique family photos, and offer a chance to buy souvenirs that you won't find anywhere else. See what Hainan Festivals are coming up here.


10. Go to the Teddy Bear Museum




Get in some snuggles at the Teddy Bear Museum, located at Centreville, in the Mission Hills Haikou complex. Kids will be in heaven surrounded by teddy bears of all colors and sizes, having tea parties, dressed in clothes from around the world, and reenacting famous historical scenes. While you are there, take the kids for a ride on the mini train that winds through Centreville, and don't miss the nightly dancing fountain shows!


Got any other great tips for kid friendly Hainan activities? Let us know over in the Visit Hainan Forums!


by Nicki Johnson

Visit Hainan


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