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ABC's of Hainan
 Hainan is so much more than sun and sand - although there's plenty of that too! Dive right in and soon you'll know all about Hainan, from A to Z!


A is for Air Quaility




Take a deep breath without a single worry, the air in Hainan is fresh and clean!


B is for BBQ




BBQ on the beach, BBQ on the street, BBQ some eggplant, BBQ some meat!


C is for Coconut




Cool and sweet, coconuts give you a drink and a snack, all in one! So generous, so filling.


D is for Diving




Dive under the deep blue sea to find shoals of colorful fish flitting through the coral.


E is for Egret




Hainan is where the egrets and many other migratory birds spend their winter. You should too!


F is for Fried Ice




Fried Ice sounds a little bit crazy but it's a cold fruity snack perfect in a hot Hainan summer!


G is for Golf




Golf on perfect Hainan greens, as the ocean breeze washes over you with the sounds of the waves and the scent of the sea.


H is for Hiking




Beautiful Hainan hiking trails wind through tropical rainforests, up challenging mountains, and along mangrove forest boardwalks.


I is for International Tourism Island




Five star international hotels dot the shores of Hainan, providing complete luxury and relaxation in an opulent environment.


J is for Jianfengling




Jianfengling Rainforest Nature Reserve is the perfect place for nature lovers. Camp in the forest, or stay in a hotel overlooking breathtaking Heaven Lake.


K is for Kids




Kids will go crazy for Hainan monkeys, water parks, space museums, sea turtles and more!


L is for Love




Celebrate your wedding, go on a romantic tropical honeymoon, or even better, celebrate your 50th anniversary here in beautiful Hainan.


M is for Minorities




Traditional life in Hainan for minority peoples including the Li, Miao, and Hui peoples can still be experienced. Visit a Li minority village with boat shaped mud houses, dance the bamboo dance, and watch a colorful tapestry woven on a foot loom!


N is for Nanshan




See the 108 meter tall Guanyin on the Sea at Nanshan Buddhist Temple Park.


O is for Opera




Hainan opera is sung in Hainanese, but you don't have to know the language to fall in love with the brightly colored costumes, painted faces, and dramatic stories!


P is for Parasailing



Floating on a cloud above the sparkling blue sea, you'll be able to see for miles!


Q is for Qingbuliang




A cooling dessert soup, local Hainan specialty Qingbuliang is made from cold coconut milk, chunks of tropical fruit, tapioca pearls, macaroni, nuts and grains, and even a hard boiled quail's egg!


R is for Riyue Bay




Ride the waves in the surfer's paradise of Riyue Bay. Or ride the camels. Hike to the waterfall, or up to the Ghost hotel!


S is for Seafood




Freshly caught seafood is everywhere in Hainan, and you can have it cooked just how you like it!


T is for Teddy Bear Museum




The Teddy Bear Museum at Mission Hills Centreville will fascinate young visitors with teddy bear tea parties, teddy bear caravans, teddy bears from around the world...


U is for Up, up, and away!



Float over Evergreen Park in a hot air balloon, book a helicopter tour of Haitang Bay, or fly up into the air on a Kiteboard!


V is for Visit Hainan





Hainan Province's official tourism website, Visit Hainan, has everything you need to plan your perfect Hainan trip. Hotels, attractions, events, news, recommendations, and more!


W is for Water Sports




Splish splash! Jump on in the water is perfect! Whether you prefer swimming, surfing, sailing, snorkling, sailboarding, or just soaking in the refreshing water, you'll be happy to know you can do it in Hainan!


X is for the XD Theater



Prepare to be dazzled as all your senses are immersed! The XD Theater, located in Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, is a motion simulated thrill ride that enhances your sense of time, space and imagination!


Y is for Yalong Bay




Umbrellas shade the reclining beach chairs lining the white sand. Sleep for a while, and then into the clear blue waters for a swim!


Z is for Zipline




Screaming and laughing, flying over the rainforest! The only thing you want to do next is get back to the top so you can zipline again!


Find your own A-Z adventure in Hainan, where there's always something new to be discovered!


by Nicki Johnson

Visit Hainan


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