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Hainan Rice Noodle Rolls 肠粉




Rice noodle rolls are a very popular Hainan breakfast item. Filled with bits of meat or vegetables, the rolls are then eaten with soy sauce or hot sauce. The rice noodle rolls are known as 肠粉 (chángfěn) or sausage rolls, because they resemble long thin sausages. These breakfast noodles are often sold from street stalls and carts, or at local breakfast spots like 老爸茶 (lǎobàchá), or Old Dad's Tea shops, early in the morning, but can be difficult to find later in the day. The rice noodle wrapper is thin and soft, and the fillings are savory. Although the flavors of this dish are light and delicate, the noodles are surprisingly filling.




Updated: 8/22/16

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