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Binglang River Scenic Area 槟榔河景区



Perhaps the best, and most accessible place to experience traditional village life and the culture of the local Li people is the Binglang River area, which features a string of villages along the Binglang River near Sanya.


With quiet, leafy village lanes, wandering farm animals, cheery locals, verdant paddy fields and colorful orchid farms this area is a beautiful place to spend a day.





For the full experience, head to a Li restaurant to sample some local dishes. Seating is outside, under traditional thatched roofs, surrounded by betel nut trees and the occasional stray chicken. Try their hotpot and the Shanlan rice wine, both Li specialties and unique to Sanya. 


The rustic setting along with professional service makes this is a great place to have a meal, relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and warmth of the Li people. 


Tickets: 30 RMB / person

Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM
Address: Binglang River, Phoenix Road, Sanya 


Updated 6/21/15

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