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Bawangling National Nature Reserve 海南霸王岭国家级自然保护区





Sprawling out over 100 km in the southeast of Changjiang County, The 1,200-square-kilometer Bawangling National Nature Reservr is one of the best preserved tropical forests in Hainan.



Nature is firmly the first priority here, with original forests well preserved. The park boasts over 1,000 species of trees and shrubs, including the upas tree, the most poisonous tree in the world, and more than 180 wild animals.



The park is home to 7 species of animal that are protected at the national level, namely Hainan Eld's deer, Hainan black gibbons, clouded leopards, peacock pheasants, monitor lizards, Hainan Partridges, and pythons.



The area is also one of the best places to see rare birds and insects, including a kingdom of butterflies with over 400 different kinds of butterfly species alone. Trail walkers who pass through quietly can spot exotic birds, indigenous flowers and fruits, as well as small clouded leopards roaming the forest and indigenous black gibbons sprawling along the roads and flying through the treetops.



In addition to the crested gibbon and peacocks that roam the forest floor, natural beauties bring life to the tropical rainforest with sights such as the Yajia Waterfall and Baishi Pool.



The Yajia Waterfall is located on the Yajia Ridge with a height of about 1,000 meters. As roaring water falls down, visitors can almost feel the force of it against the rocks. When in full flow during the monsoons, 15,000 cubic meters of water fall down the cliff every second.




The hike between Bawangs mountain pass and peak is mostly straight up and takes around two and a half hours. While its often humid, the parks altitude and unique ecosystem result in an average temperature of 19.7C. On a clear day, climbers who make it to the top of Bawang are rewarded with a 360-degree view.


With over 250 species per square hectare, enthusiasts can easily lose track of time while exploring the multitude of ancient paths and secluded caves in the rainforests of Hainan.


Bawangling National Nature Reserve

Admission: RMB 30 per person

Tel: 0898-26883333


Accommodations: Another advantage of visiting the park is the easy access to nearby resorts, Yajia Holiday Resort (standard rooms: RMB 200-300) or Bawangling Rainforest Hotel (standard rooms: RMB 300-500).


Transportation: Take a long-distance bus from Haikou or Sanya to Changjiang County. Then take a local bus to the park entrance; or hire a taxi to reach the attraction.





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