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Nanshan Temple Park 三亚南山景区


Featuring a 108 meter tall triple faced Guanyin statue, a large temple complex, vegetarian restaurants, a hotel, and extensive beautifully groomed grounds, Nanshan Temple Park is a Buddhist paradise.



Traditional cultural and religious festivals are often celebrated at the park, providing a grand spectacle for visitors.


 Entrance Ticket: 150RMB/person 

Park Touring Bus:  30RMB/person 
 Gold & Jade Kwanyin Statue:20RMB 
 Vegetarian Food Buffet:78RMB/person 



Website: http://www.nanshan.com/main.php?la=en

Phone: 0898-88837823

Address: Nanshan Temple Park, Sanya

Getting there: Take public bus 6, 16, 25, or 29 from Sanya to the Nanshan Temple Park


Hours: 8 AM – 5:30 PM



Updated: 5/13/15

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