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About The Bright Connection

Our purpose is to help handicapped children in China to have another place where they can feel at home, have fun and also progress physically and mentally from what ever point they come to us. Many parents have entrusted their Special children to The Bright Connection and appreciate the opportunity.  They no longer need to live  an isolated life which is often the way it has been for them.  This also gives the caring parents time for a break from the intense care that is often required to care for the Special child.  They love them enough and are wise enough to seek help. The Bright Connection is an answer.

Volunteering opportunities available, working with Autistic children, Cerebral Palsy children, Mentally Delayed children, Deaf and non-verbal children.


Or consider purchasing an item from The Bright Connection Store to support them.

The Bright Connection is a certified 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization
ID# 20-8161970
Donations ARE Tax-Deductible for USA Citizens




  • Sanya

  • Hainan Province

  • 572021

  • China


  • 898-8824-5201



Updated: 1/14/15

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