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Volunteering for Biodiversity in Hainan



Students from Malvern College, Qingdao, recently came to Hainan with EcoAction to do volunteer work to protect local animals and plants, and to protect the biodiversity of the lush Chinese tropical island province, located in the South China Sea.


The students learned about the critically endangered Hainan Gibbon along with other key Hainan species, as well as conducted field work to appraise local nature reserves.



The students worked to educate local villagers about the importance of protecting the environment. They painted a mural of the Hainan Gibbon as part of the education program. Currently there are only 24 of these unique gibbons, and they all live in a rainforest in Bawangling, a nature reserve in Hainan.



The students went on a night safari to assess nocturnal species at Exianling Nature Reserve.


As more local Hainan people as well as travellers become aware of the importance of protecting this amazing island's biodiversity, animals such as the Hainan Gibbon will have a better chance of survival. Next time you travel, why not check to see if your trip can be combined with a volunteer opportunity like this one?


Nicki Johnson

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Photos via Eco Action

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