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  • Potscrapers are made from rice paste which is boiled in a large pot. They are scraped from the sides of the pot with a large spoon, giving them the name potscrapers. This snack ...

      Danzhou Dog Meat
  • If you arewilling to try something different from the usual pork and chicken, and looking for a little adventure at dinnertime, dog meat is available in some parts of Hainan. Th...

      Guang Village Sand Mollusks
  • If you want to eat soft white sand mollusks, Guang Village sand mollusks are the best! Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that these mollusks are full of Yin essence, great f...

      Haitou Rice-flour Rolls
  • Haitou is a coastal town in Danzhou. Their local specialty is rice-flour rolls, called sausage rolls because of their long thin shape, similar to pork sausage. Rice-flour rolls ...

      Dongpo Pastry
  • While Su Dongpo, northern Song writer and calligrapher, was exiled to Danzhou in Hainan Province, he taught the locals to make a variety of his favorite foods. It was originally...

      Danzhou Zongzi
  • 儋州粽子 Zongzi are a traditional Chinese food, made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo, reed, or other large flat leaves. They are cooked...

      Dongpo Cakes
  • When Su Dongpo, famed northern Song writer and calligrapher was exiled to Danzhou in Hainan province, he taught the locals how to make one of his favorite northern snacks. Nowad...

      Danzhou White Rice Layer Cakes
  • Danzhou white rice layer cakes are made from freshly made glutinous rice paste. It is made by pouring and setting each individual layer, and then pouring and setting the next. S...

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