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Xinying Fried Rice Noodles 新英炒粉



Xinying is an ancient port, teeming with fish and shrimp. Since the Song Dynasty, it has been Danzhou's most developed and populous port town, and consequently has some of the best food in the area. Seafood fried rice noodles are a popular dish in Xinying, where there is often a crowd clamoring for the noodle dish at local restaurants. A famous scholar wrote a couplet above one of the shop's doors: “Squid fried rice will make your mouth water, and shrimp fried rice is even better!” With such a good reputation, business for Xinying Fried Noodle shops is booming, and they can be found in every street and alley in the town. The local seafood noodle dish is of course well known in Danzhou, and can even be found in Hainan's capital city, Haikou!



Updated: 1/19/16

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