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New Twist on Hainan Summer Dessert Favorite Qingbuliang Wows Haikou

In Hainan, qingbuliang, a kind of sweet dessert soup with fresh fruit and coconut milk, is a popular summer snack. Now there is a new kind of qingbuliang that is attracting crowds in Haikou. 


Located on Haikou's Nansha Rd, across the street from Fushan Coffee, this Wenchang Qingbuliang shop is so popular that there is a line out the door all night long. 




The wait is about half an hour on weeknights, and even longer on weekends, but according to the happy smiles on customers' faces, it must be worth it. The shop opens at 8 PM and serves desserts late into the night. 




So what's so special about this particular shop's qingbuliang? It's made with frozen coconut cream and fresh fruit, resembling a bowl of ice cream more than the traditional qingbuliang dessert soup. 




All kinds of fresh fruit flavors are available, from mango to durian. It costs a little bit more than other streetside qingbuliang stalls, with a bowl of the frozen sweet treat costing up to 9 yuan, or $1.50. At that price it definitely doesn't break the bank, and must be incredibly refreshing after a long day of high Hainan summer temperatures. 


Look for this sign if you want to give it a taste! 






Translated by Nicki Johnson 

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Source: 0898 

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