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Ledong Huangliu Duck 黄流老鸭





When people think of food in Hainan, the first thing that comes to mind is the "Four Traditional Famous Hainan Dishes" --Wenchang Chicken, Dongshan Mutton, Hele Crab, and Jiaji Duck. For those who want to sample other local Hainan food, there are some other special dishes that have likewise become new symbols of the island. Huangliu Duck is another new but popular must-try dish for tourists coming to Hainan.


Authentic Huangliu Duck (黄流老鸭) is named after its place of origin-- Huangliu Town in the Ledong Li Nationality Autonomous County in Hainan. Huangliu Duck is a newly created dish and has gained popularity among Sanya locals.


Huangliu Duck is prepared in a variety of ways, with poaching and sautéing being the most popular methods.




For Huangliu Duck, people usually poach duck well and serve it in bite-size pieces with a homemade sauce of chopped garlic, soy sauce and lime juice. The well-fed home-bred duck tastes very good with soft, smooth meat, flaky skin, and soft bones after steaming.




Another traditional way to prepare them is to sauté it with some specially-made ingredients which make the duck very tasty and aromatic.


In Sanya, a few of the restaurants on Shengli Road, Jixiang Road and Xinfeng Road cook the best Huangliu duck. Guangming Duck Restaurant at Shengli Road is the best one, so this area of the city is collectively called Huangliu Duck Street.




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