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      Hot-spring Goose 温泉鹅
  • Hot-spring Goose, also called Wenquan Goose, is a hybrid kept by farmers living adjacent to the Wanquan River (万泉河). When the geese are small, farmers unleash them into the w...

      Wanquan River Carp 万泉鲤
  • This dish is made from one of three species of carp that live in the Wanquan River, known locally as the Xijing, Phoenix Tailed, and Quan. It is prepared in a variety of ways, w...

Jiaji Duck
      Jiaji Duck
  • Jiaji duck is one of the four specialties of Hainan, but has a unique history.

      Fevervine Soup
  • Popular as a folk tonic, the main ingredients of this dish are locally grown fevervine (also known by the somewhat more colorful terms of chicken droppings vine, stinkvine, etc....

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