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Construction of Hainan’s new Bo'ao Airport set to begin in March


Photo: Qionghaif


Hainan provincial government confirmed in its 2015 work report that the construction of the new Bo'ao Airport will start on schedule. “The provincial government and institutions are going over the plans and the groundwork has already been laid for work on Bo'ao Airport to begin in March,” Qionghai City deputy secretary Zhonghui Zhang said.

Bo'ao Airport will be situated in Zhongyuan township, 12 km from Qionghai City. It will be built to handle international and domestic flights using large planes such as the 737-800 and A320. It will have a 45 x 2,600 meter runway and a 13,000 sq meter terminal with 26 boarding gates.

The construction of Bo'ao Airport will accelerate Hainan’s integration with the national “one link one route” strategic policy and elevate the province’s importance in the future. It will also have a positive effect on the island’s tourism and marine industries.

(Translation by David)

Source: China Travel News 02/25/2015

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