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2015 (16th) China Hainan Carnival to be held Nov. 27-Dec. 3




The 16th annual Hainan Carnival will be held from November 27th to December 3rd this year. The Hainan Carnival is a province-wide celebration, with the main venue for Carnival events changing annually. The main venue this year is the big coconut itself, Hainan's capital city of Haikou! Additional events will also be held in Ding'an.


The Hainan Carnival, which annually attracts both locals and travellers from near and far, creates a carnival atmosphere covering the whole island of Hainan, with many events and exhibitions happening throughout the Carnival period. This year's exciting events will kick off at the Hainan International Conference and Exhibition Center with an opening ceremony at 9 AM on Saturday, Nov. 28th.





The Hainan International Conference and Exhibition Center will host the 2015 Hainan International Marine Tourism Fair, running from Nov. 27-29. The Marine Tourism Fair will feature tons of water related exhibits, including a Comprehensive Coastal Recreation Exhibit; Marine Sports Program and Equipment Exhibit; Hainan Island Local Custom Exhibit; Cruise Liner Exhibit; China Maritime Silk Road Tourism Promotion Alliance Exhibit, and more!





More info: www.chinaimtf.com





The 2015 First Hainan International RV & Camping Expo and China RV and Camping Conference will also be at the Hainan International Conference and Exhibition Center from Nov. 27-29th. The RV & Camping Expo’s main exhibits will cover RVs and RV accessories, travel toilets, ecological wood cabins, mobile homes, shipping container homes, outdoor equipment, cycling equipment, road trip camping and independent travel clubs, etc. More than 5,000 camping enthusiasts from all over China are expected to gather in Haikou for this event.


 “Korea’s Jeju Island Day” Special Theatrical Performance will be held on the evening of Nov. 28th, location TBA. During the Hainan Carnival, Korea’s Jeju Island Literature and Arts Group are invited to perform at the opening ceremony, Jeju Island Day, as well as at the Hainan Province Performing Arts Theater.





Haikou City Camping Party and First Haikou International Blue Electronic Music Festival will be held Nov. 27-29th from 8 PM - Midnight at Haikou City Century Park, located near iconic Century Bridge. Popular electronic music bands from China and abroad, as well as top notch DJs will be invited to perform at Haikou Century Park for the enjoyment of camping and music enthusuasts gathered in the city.




The Fitness for Everyone Carnival will get your blood pumping with a Mass Plaza Dance, Mass Tai Chi, Color Run, and Cool Color Ride. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fitness craze with events happening from Nov. 28-29 at Haikou Evergreen Park, Haikou West Coast Greenway, and other venues TBA.



The 2015 Hainan International Food Festival will be held in Ding'an from Nov. 27-30, at the Ding’an County Tianjiu Food Culture Plaza. Foodies shouldn't miss this exciting chance to try all the best Hainan cuisine in one place.



The top 10 Hainan Dishes and top 10 Hainan chefs will be named, and every kind of local specialty from all around Hainan Island will be ready for you to try.





The 2015 Wenbifeng International Eaglewood Expo will be held at the Ding'an County Wenbifeng Pangu Cultural Tourism Area from Nov. 23-30. Eaglewood is prized throughout the world for it's alluring scent and beauty. Hainan is one of the only parts of the world that produces Eaglewood, and the Eaglewood Expo will bring all the best eaglewood products to you in one convenient location.





The National “Entrepreneur Cup” Wushu Tai Chi Competition, held in the Ding'an County Wenbifeng Pangu Cultural Tourism Area from Dec. 1-3, will be a great opportunity to see Tai Chi greats compete, and learn more about this traditional Chinese martial art.





The 2015 “Quiet Beauty of Ding’an” Carnival Village Tourism Event, held at various locations throughout Ding'an County from Nov. 28-30, will showcase the magnificent scenery and breathtaking views of rural Ding'an.




The 2015 Hainan Opera Showcase is a great place to learn more about traditional Hainanese music and performace arts!




Hainan Opera performances will be held every evening from Nov. 27-30 at the  Ding'an County Riverside Park.





For more information about the upcoming Hainan Carnival, and how you can be involved, please contact the organizing committee at 0898-6520 0237. Hope to see you there with a smile on your face!


by Nicki Johnson

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