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Hainan Cities
Lingao 临高

Lingao County is in the northwest of Hainan Island.  With kilometers of white sand beaches and scenic views, Lingao welcomes visitors.

China’s liberation army first landed on Hainan Island at Lingao and liberated Hainan Island. A monument to the liberation was built in Lingaojiao, and was named the exemplary National Patriotic Educational Base in 2009.

City Information 

Best Travel Season: All year rouand

Climate: With high temperatures, rain, lots of sunshine, and a mild climate, Lingao is cool in summer and warm in winter.


Trains: Soon to be reached by the Hainan Western Ring High-Speed Railway

Shipping: There are 7 shipping companies in Lingao, including Yinghai and Hunshe, with scores of passenger ships and cargo ships for marine transportation from Lingao to other places all over China. Two shipping lines to Hong Kong and Macao have recently been opened up.


Lingaojiao Scenic Resort:  The landing point of the China Liberation Army in Hainan, Lingaojiao is now the National Patriotic Educational Base for Children. The coastline is great for walking along and there are several lighthouses and ancient signalling towers here. Tickets: 25 yuan

Houshui Bay (后水湾): A beautiful untouched bay, Houshui bay is a natural ecosystem where you can see mangrove forests, coral, and many other forms of sea life.

Juren Waterfall (居仁瀑布): With a 20 meter drop into a deep pool, Juren waterfall is surrounded by flowers, trees, and birdsong.

Gaoshan Ridge (高山岭): Inside the Hainan Province Nature Reserve

Molixuan School (茉莉轩): Built in the Song Dynasty, there are many varieties of jasmine growing here.

Lingao Roast Suckling Pig:  With crispy skin, tender meat, and heavenly scent, Lingao roast suckling pigs are well known as a top-notch main dish. The piglets are raised in Lingao's excellent environment, and are bred especially for use in this dish. Born in January, the piglets are reach 12-15 jin around the summer solstice, which is the best time to enjoy Lingao roast suckling pig.

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