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Hainan Cities
Chengmai 澄迈

Chengmai Bay

Chengmai is in the northwest area of Hainan Island, near Haikou, the provincial capital. The Haiyu National Highway, the West Highway, and the Guangdong-Hainan Railway all go through the city, so transportation is very convenient.


The first record of Chengmai County is in 110 BC, when it referred to as Guo County in one of Emperor Wu of Han's records. The county acquired its current name under the Sui Dynasty reorganisation of 607. It was also recorded during the Ming Dynasty.





The people of Chengmai County live to an average of 77.79 years. Among the population are 215 centenarians. The proportion of centenarians compared to the rest of the county's population, and the overall number, ranks highest of all cities and counties in China.

Of the total 565,000 people living in the county, 18,500 are more than 80 years old, 896 of which are couples.


Chengmai has a tropical monsoon climate, with lots of sunshine and abundant rainfall, and a mild climate. The area gets an average of 2017.6 hours of sunshine a year, and the average annual precipitation is 1790.7mm. There is relatively little impact in Chengmai from typhoons which may affect other areas of Hainan.




Transportation Information:

Airlines: 1. 80km to Meilan International Airport, 60 minutes by car
2. 60km from Haikou, 40 minutes by car

Bus: From the West Haikou Bus Station the bus to Jinjiang passes through Chengmai Old Town, and Chengmai County (Jinjiang).


Rail: The West Ring High Speed Rail line stops in Fushan.




Meilang Twin Pagodas 美榔双塔澄迈: The twin pagodas in Chengmai, Hainan, were built in the early Yuan Dynasty, dating back over 800 years. They were built to commemorate a local villager's two daughters. One of the daughters married and the other become a Buddhist nun.





Nantai Crocodile Lake (南泰鳄鱼湖): Facilities include: crocodile exhibit area; animal performance area; Thailand folk garden, Children's Area, Crocodile Show Center and Tiger and Elephant Show Center. There are more than 10,000 crocodiles in the lake. You can eat crocodile dishes cooked by chefs from Thailand in the Crocodile Restaurant, and buy real crocodile products in the Crocodile Store here.
Address: Yingbin Tour Development Zone, old town of Chengmai County, Hainan.
Tel: 7488380

Tickets: 60 RMB


Singapore Garden (新加坡花园): With over 1000 varieties of Orchids, Singapore Gardens is a must see for flower enthusiasts.



Yongqing Temple 澄迈永庆寺: Yongqing Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the north of Hainan, is rated as ‘the temple with the most Buddhas’ by Shanghai Guinness World Records. There are a total of 42 Buddha statues in the temple, all made of white jade, including Sakyamuni, the Lying Buddha, the Thousand Hands Guanyin, and the Wenshu Bodhisattva.





Fushan Coffee Culture and Tourism Area (福山咖啡文化休闲旅游区): surrounded by 2,000 acres of coffee plantations, Fushan Coffee serves local Hainan coffee to tourists. Here you can sip a leisurely cup of local Hainan coffee, and explore the Hainan Coffee Museum.




Luoyi: An 800-year-old longevity village: founded in 1256, at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). The villagers all share the same surname "Li", and more than 100 of the locals are over 80 years old. 









Updated: 8/12/16

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