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Hainan Cities
Tunchang 屯昌

Tunchang County is located in central Hainan,  It borders Anding and Qionghai in the east, Qiongzhong in the south, Chengmai in the northwest, and is 85 km away from Haikou. Tunchang County is a hilly area, with  mountainous land accounting for 5% of the whole area of the county and hills accounting for 85%.

Tunchang County is located on the national highway - Haiyu Central Highway, situated  north of the foot of Wuzhishan Mountain. Jinjuling is the highest peak in Tunchang County.

City Information 

Best Travel Season: All year around

Climate: Tunchang gets 1900-2100 hours  of annual sunshine, and abundant rainfall, with annual precipitation of 1960-2400mm. The average annual temperature is 23.1-23.6º C (73.5-74.4º F), with an average of 27-29º C (80.6-  84.2º F) in July and 16-18 (60.8- 64.4º F)  in January.

Traffic Information 

Roads: Tunchang County is inland, and transportation mainly depends on efficient highway links. The  Hai-Yu Central highway (224 national highway) runs through Tunchang from south to north. There are 5 provincial highways which reach Tunchang.

Travel Tips: Tunchang County has a tropical monsoon climate, so don't forget to pack an umbrella!


Yangjiaoling Crystal Mine: one of the most famous crystal mines in the world. Crystal from Hainan is arguably the best in China. Chairman Mao's coffin in Beijing was built with Tunchang Yangjiaoling crystal.

Muse Lake (木色旅游度假风景区): Situated in the Fengmu town and covering an area of 28 square kilometers; there are actually two lakes; Muse Lake and Leigongtan Lake, with a magnificent waterfall between the two lakes.

Egret Paradise (白鹭乐园): Located near Hongdoupo Village, which is about 2 kilometers north of Tuncheng. Best time to visit the area is in the spring.

Wolong Mountain: Four peaks all with unique and different shapes. At the foot of the mountain is a beautiful old glacial lake, 'Long Lake', soon to be developed into an eco-tourism centre, as part of Hainan's green, clean and sustainable tourism development. Bring your own food and water, and be on the lookout for boa constrictors especially near the lake.

Fengmu Deer Farm: There are over 700 deer raised in the farm including David’s Deer, Eld’s Deer, Red Deer, Sika Deer and Spotted Deer. Tickets: 5 RMB Phone number: 0898-67975130

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