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Hainan Cities
Ding’an 定安

Ding'an is located in the northeast of Hainan. It is bordered by Wenchang is in the east, Changmai and Tunchang in the west, Qionghai in the southeast; and Haikou in the north. Ding'an's county government building is only 33km away from Haikou. Dingan has an area of 1189 sq. km. And a population of 320,000. It has 10 towns, Xiadingcheng, Xinzhu, Longhu, Huangzhu, Leiming, Longmen, Helong, Lingkou, Hanlin, and Fuwen. Ding'an has three state-owned farms, Zhongrui, Nanhai and Jinjiling.  You can find hills, plateaus and plains in Ding'an. The hills are in the south, with altitudes over 200m. Plains are in the north, accounting for 24% of the land of the county. Nanniu Hill’s altitude reaches 512m, the highest point in Ding'an. The main rivers of the county are the Nandu River, Longzhou River, Wencuishui, and the Xuya River. It is in the tropical monsoon climate zone, with a average annual temperature of 23.9º C (75º F). The average annual rainfall is 1965.5 mm. National highways 223 and 224 go through the east and north parts of the county. The East highway goes through the east of the county. Historical sights include Murui Mountain Revolutionary Base, Huangzhu Memorial Place of Revolutionary Martyrs, Dingan Old Town, Jianglong Tower, Residences of Wang Honghui and Zhang Yuesong. Scenic spots include Nanli Lake, Murui Mountain, and Tropical Bird World.

City Information 

Best Travel Season:October-March

Climate: Warm all year round, with an average annual temperature of 23.9º C (75º F).

Notes: August to September is the monsoon season, don't forget your umbrella!

Traffic Information 

Roads: The West highway and Yuhai highway pass through the city.

Buses: Local bus fare is 1 RMB


Hainan Tropical Bird Park: Hainan Tropical Bird World located at Taling development zone in Dingan is currently the biggest bird theme park in China. The park boasts three hundred types of tropical birds, including the majority of Hainan birds.

Writing Brush Peak /Wenbi Peak (文笔峰 ): Center of Daoist culture in Hainan. Entrance fee: 40 RMB

Hainan Juding Zoo: Phone number: 63732258 Entrance fee: 10 RMB

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