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Hainan Cities
Wuzhishan 五指山

Wuzhishan was formerly the capital city of Hainan Li and Miao Autonomous Region. Founded in 1987 (under the name Tongza, the name was changed to Wuzhishan City on August 18, 2001), it covers an area of 1169 sq. km. It is named for the nearby mountain, the highest in Hainan. Wuzhishan has a typical tropical climate, with an average temperature of 22.4º C (72.3º F). It’s around 25º C (77º F) in the summer and 17º C (62.6º F) in January. The area is a natural oxygen bar. It’s cool in summer and warm in winter, which is rare to find not only in Hainan, but also in China. Wushishan means “Five Finger Mountain” and the views of the nearby mountain are breathtaking. The Li and Miao minority groups are concentrated here, and it's the best place to learn more about their unique ways of life, including the local cuisine!



Wuzhishan not only has four different seasons a year, it can have four different seasons in a day; a cool morning, hot midday, warm afternoon, and cold night. Wuzhishan is a great place to escape the heat or cold, and a great choice for holidays and recreation.



Local attractions include: Yahu Terraced fields, Chubao Li minority village, Wuzhishan Mountain, the Wanquan River, the Hainan Institute of National Tapestry, the Hainan Minority Museum, and more.




City Information


Best Travel Season:

All year round



Climate: Wuzhishan has a comfortable climate, warm in winter and cool in summer. The fresh oxygen filled air is rejuvenating. The city has been called a "Natural Air Conditioner", the "Summer Palace of the South", a "Cool Resort in Tropical Zone", a "Natural Oxygen Bar", "Jade Mountain City", a "Green Treasure House", "Nature's Garden", "Fairyland on Earth, Earthly Paradise" and "Health Preservation City of China". Wuzhishan National Nature Reserve Park is a large area of protected land to explore.




Tourist information and complaint hotline: 86+0898—86623023 12301 (24-hour servicice)

Wuzhishan Bus Passenger Terminal: 86622857 

Tour Price Info Hotline: 12315



Transportation Information



Central Expressway: Haikou-Qiongzhong-Wuzhi Mountain, 213km
East line: Haikou-Sanya-Wuzhishan, 328km
West line: Haikou- Danzhou-Baisha-Sheyun-Wuzhishan, 328km
Sanya-Wuzhisjan, 65.9km



Updated: 4/23/15

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