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Hainan Cities
Haikou 海口

Haikou, also called “Coconut City”, is the capital city of Hainan and political, economic, cultural, trade and communication centre of Hainan Province- the biggest Special Economic Zone in China.

The climate of Haikou is pleasant. It’s summer most of the time, and winter is mild, if wet. Haikou ranks among the best cities in China in air and water quality as well as ecology. 42% of the city's surface is green, and the proliferation of beautiful parks and green spaces throughout the city provides a welcome refuge from the busy city streets. Haikou is the only Chinese city tested by the World Health Orginization for health conditions, and was ranked as an excellent tourist city and excellent garden city by the World Health Organization. Haikou also has a well documented history and culture.



Haikou has well developed tourism infrastructure. Haikou's Meilan International Airport, South Port, Xiuying Port, Xingang Port, east-line, west-line and mid-line expressways, and “Guangdong-Hainan Railway” passage – the first crossing-sea railway in China – provide excellent transportation options. Haikou also has 77 star-rated hotels, 146 travel agencies, more than 7,000 tour guides and 20 tourist attractions. Haikou is full of great shopping, entertainment, food, business opportunities, and hotels!

Haikou is an ecological tourism city full of tropical ocean views and island urban sights, with lots of options for travellers. It also has some rare natural scenery, such as mangrove forests that can be toured by boat, an inactive volcano crater that can be climbed, and has many famous places of historical interest and scenic beauty, such as the Five Officials Temple, old town streets with charmingly restored historic buildings, Hai Rui's Tomb, Qiu Jun's Tomb, The Li Shuoxun Martyr's Memorial Pavilion, Xiuying Fort, as well as theme parks like Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park, People’s Park of Haikou, Evergreen Park and Golden Bull Park. Along the coast of Haikou there is a 131 km long tourism area studded with dancing palm leaves, parks, and beaches. It combines leisure, tourism, cultural entertainment, aquatic and beach sports, and provides high-grade services for both mainland and international tourists.

The area of Haikou is 2304 square meters, with a population of more than 1.7 million. Its coastline stretches 131 km from east to west and the annual average temperature is 23.8 º C (74.8º F).



As the saying goes, “Haikou has a vast and endless blue sea, and it is always springtime!” Haikou is the ideal place for business meetings, holidays, and leisure.

Haikou welcomes you!

Transportation Information




Haikou Meilan Airport is located in the Meilan District of Jiongshan City, 25 km away from Haikou, with nonstop domestic and international flights. It is only 30 minutes from the airport to downtown Haikou. The airport bus runs every 30 minutes from 6:00 am until the last evening flight, and costs 15 RMB/person. There are also two free airport buses; the China Southern Airlines bus which leaves from the front of the civil aviation guesthouse on Haixiu Road of Haikou, and the Hainan Airlines bus which leaves from the former airport terminal building downtown. City buses no. 41 and no. 21 also run between the airport and downtown Haikou, for a price of 5 RMB/person. Taxi drivers often aggressively approach travellers exiting the airport and bargain for high fares. If you must take a taxi, be aware that the fare should be around 60 RMB from the airport to downtown Haikou.


Guangzhou Railway Xingang dock ticket office hotline: 86+089866116649

Liuzhou Railway Xiuying dock ticket office hotline: 86+089868653802, 66210914

Haikou Railway Station ticket office: 86+089868656554

Note: During typhoon season (late summer and fall) trains are sometimes cancelled due to severe weather. There may be no compensation for train tickets in these situations.



There are two ports in Haikou, namely Xingang Port and Xiuying Port. More than 40 passenger ships sail to mainland areas along the coast and to Hong Kong and many other destinations. At Xingang Port, the ships are mainly to Zhanjiang Port and Hai’an. At Xiuying Port, the shipping lines are to Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Hai’an, Shekou, Beihai and Hong Kong.

Xiuying Port passenger station Ticket Office: No.7 Haifu Road, Tel: 86+0898-65351557

Xiuying Port Ticket Office: Xiuying Port, Binhai Avenue, Tel: 86+0898-68661943

Haikou Xingang Port Passenger Station: 500m north of Xingang overpass, Binhai Avenue, Tel: 86+0898-66210596




The road system in Hainan is very convenient, and includes the East 225 national highway, Central 224 national highway, West 225 national highway and round the island highway. It only takes 3 hours from Haikou to Sanya by the East highway, and 4 hours by the West Highway. Haikou East station - Hainan's largest bus station - is located between Haikou and Qiongshan City, on the Guomao-Fucheng bus line. The buses from this station mainly run to the counties along the East of Hainan. There is also a West bus station and South bus station in Haikou. The buses from the West bus station run to Baisha, Changjiang, Dongfang, Lingao, Ledong, Tunchang, etc, and buses from the South bus station run to Chengmai, Anding, etc.

Travel Tips

Seasons: The geographic location and climate mean Haikou is warm and sunny nearly all year round, although there are occasional typhoons in late summer and fall. Check the weather forecast beforeyou come, and bring some sunscreen - sunny skies ahead!



Apparel: What to wear? Light, thin, quick-drying clothing able to absorb sweat and easy to wash are your best options. Sunglasses are reccommended, as well as sun hats. Island-style colorful flowered dresses and shirts are popular here, and can be found for sale everywhere. Larger sized clothing and shoes are generally not available however.

Bathrooms: Most public bathrooms are of the squat variety, and it's a good idea to carry your own toilet paper (small packets of tissue work well) and hand sanitizer. Star rated hotel lobbies are your best bet for Western style bathrooms with all the amenities.

Safety: Hainan is generally safe and has very little violent crime. As with any tourist destination, you should beware of pickpockets. Keep an eye on your belongings at all times, and keep valuables in a secure location. Lock up your bike in a lot with an attendant.


Updated: 4/23/15

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