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Hainan Cities
Sansha 三沙

Sansha is a prefecture of the People's Republic of China's Hainan province which administers several island groups and undersea atolls in the South China Sea, comprising the Spratly and Paracel Islands as well as the Macclesfield Bank. Sansha has equal administrative status to a prefecture-level city, and was created on 24 July 2012. The establishment of Sansha is an upgrade of the administrative status of these island groups from the previous county-level Administrative Office. The centre of government for Sansha is located on Yongxing (Woody) Island in the Paracels, where some 600 Chinese civilians reside. Woody Island is the largest of the islands in the Paracel and Spratly groups with an area of about 5 square miles. Nationally, Sansha is the smallest prefecture-level city by both population and land area but the largest by water area and the southernmost.


Yongxing (Woody) Island, the seat of Sansha city, includes a small airport, sea port, medical clinic, supermarket, observatory, and post office. A hospital is planned. Woody island is supplied by a freighter which hauls supplies, including drinking water, from Hainan. The small airstrip, Yongxing Island Airport, was completed in July 1990.


Planned cruises to the islands will feature snorkling, deep sea diving, fishing, beautiful beaches, birdwatching, and seafood.

Maritime Museum (Yongxing, AKA Woody Island): The museum displays thousands of local species of ocean life.


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