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Hainan Cities
Qiongzhong 琼中

Located in central Hainan, Qiongzhong Countyhas a tropical ocean monsoon climate, with plentiful rainfall, warm weather, and mountainous features. The annual temperature in average is 22.5º C (72.5º F). With mild summers and winters, Qiongzhong is an ideal scenic spot for tourists from all over the world to spend summers and holidays.

City Information

Best Travel Season: All year round


Qiongzhong is surrounded by mountains, forming a mountainous climate featuring heat during the day and cool weather at night. The average temperature is 22.5º C (72.5º F), with an average temperature of 16º C (60.8º F)  in January and an  average temperature of  26º C (78.8 º F) in July. The area gets an average of 1600-2000 hours of sunshine per year. The average annual relative humidity is 80-85%, and the average annual precipitation is 2200-2444mm.


Roads: Qiongzhou County is located in the middle of Hainan, bordering Qionghai and Wanning in the east, Baisha and Danzhou in the west, Lingshui, Baoting and Wuzhishan in the south and Tunchang and Haikou in the north. Qiongzhou is 136 km. from Haikou, 165 km. from Sanya, 85 km. from Wanning, and 80 km. from Danzhou, all within a two hour drive.


Limu Mountain Forest Park (黎母山森林公园): Home of the Li people, Limu Mountain has an altitude of 1,411 meters and is covered in virgin forests. Excellent for hiking an camping, Limu mountain features multiple waterfalls and is the source of the Nandu, Wanquan and Changhua rivers.

Ming Dynasty Shuihui Residence (明代水会守御所古城遗址): The ruins of this Ming Dynasty construction can still be seen amongst the trees of the current rubber tree plantation.

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