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Hainan Cities
Lingshui 陵水


Lingshui's Qingshui Bay

Lingshui's many attractions include beaches, bays, islands, rain forests, waterfalls, hot springs, and many other beautiful natural areas and wildlife. Lingshui is in the southeast of Hainan Island, bordering Wanning, Baoting, Qiongzhong, and Sanya. Diaoluo Mountain lies in the northwest area of Lingshui County, and the sea lies to the southeast. The county is 40km from south to north, and 32km from east to west, covering 1128 sq. km. Lingshui's excellent location, great weather, and beautiful nature all make the area an excellent tourism destination. The many popular places to visit in Lingshui include Yezi Island, Perfume Bay, Tufu Bay, Nanwan Monkey Island, Diaoluo Mountain Rain Forest, and Xiaomei Lake. Cultural sites include the Soviet Government Building, Farmers’ Committee, Nanbatian Farm, the Dragon King Temple, the Sanwei Temple, and a Qing Dynasty themed street. Lingshui also boasts multiple hot springs, including Nanping Hot Springs, Gaofeng Hot Sprinsg, and Hongxie Hot Springs. Lingshui County's beauty comes from nature: lakes, mountains, and sea.




Airlines: Lingshui lies 80km from Sanya’s Fenghuang International Airport, approximately 60 minutes by car.

: There are tourist shuttle ferries from Xingang to Monkey Island.

Roads :East highway goes right through Lingshui's downtown area. Yinbao Highway runs between Lingshui and Baoting.


High Speed Rail: Lingshui can be reached on the Hainan East Ring High Speed Rail.




Nanwan Monkey Island (南湾猴岛):





One of several nature reserves in Hainan, Monkey Island has the longest over-water cable car in China, spanning 2,138 metres (7,014 ft). The cable car gives superb views over the coast and the traditional fishing village below. Several tribes of rhesus monkeys have free range of the island, and interact freely with tourists. When travelling to Monkey Island, it is best to be aware that the monkeys may take any belongings not securely attached, including hats, sunglasses, cameras, phones, snacks, and drinks, and once taken these items may be difficult or impossible to recover.


Nanwan Monkey Island is ranked as a 4A tourist attraction.

Ticket Price: 163 yuan/person

Phone: 0898-83361465

Address: Xincun Town, Lingshui County, Hainan Province
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Diaoluo Mountain National Forest Park (省吊罗山国家森林公园):



This park is famous for lakes, waterfalls, and primitive rain forest, including Hainan's largest waterfall, the Fengguoshan Waterfall. Located in north Lingshui county, it is one of the largest tropical rainforests in Hainan, covering 38,000 hectares with the highest peak reaching 1,499 metres. The best season to visit the park is from November to March.

Tel: 86-898-83724251
Entrance fee: 30 RMB


Coconut Island (椰子岛): A mainly undeveloped island covered in palm trees and other wildlife, Coconut Island may be reached by hiring local fishing boats.


Perfume Bay(香水湾):




With a long silvery beach and many varied rock formations, Perfume Bay is one of the newest resort areas in Hainan. Several luxury resort hotels line the bay, which is a popular surfing spot.



City Information:


Best Travel Season: All year round

Climate: Lingshui Li Autonomous County has a tropical monsoon island climate, with lots of sunshine and rainfall. It gets 2,444 hours of sunshine annually. The average annual temperature is 24 ºC (75.2 ºF), with a high of 37 ºC (98.6 ºF). Yearly precipitation is about 1500-2500mm, but uneven in distribution. The rainy season is from May to October, and precipitation in rainy season accounts for about 80% of the yearly precipitation. Typhoon season is from July to October.



Updated: 2/26/16

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