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Changjiang 昌江

Changjiang County is in the northwest of Hainan Province, and  includes 8 villages and towns. The land area of the county is 1596 sq. km. The coastline is 52 km, and the sea area is 336.47 sq. km. The county has a typical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 24.3º C (75.7º F). It’s always spring in Changjiang, with tons of sunshine. The annual rainfall is 1676 mm.

City Information 

Best Travel Season: All year round

Climate: Typical tropical monsoon climate, average annual temperature of 24.3º C (75.7º F). It’s always spring in Changjiang, with tons of sunshine. The annual rainfall is 1676 mm.


Trains: Planned to be included on the high speed rail line, which will shorten the time to travel from Changjiang to Haikou to only 35 minutes.

Shipping: The county has 4 harbors; Changhua Harbor, Haiwei Harbor, Xin Harbor, Shayutang Harbor. Changhua Harbor is mainly a commercial harbor. Changhua Harbor is one of the biggest fishing grounds in South China.

Roads: Changjiang is 190km from Haikou, 210km from Sanya, 100km from Yangpu, and 40km from Basuo (all connected by highways).

Bus: More than 30 buses connect different towns and tourism destinations.


Shilu Iron Mine 

Bawangling Gibbon Conservation Nature Reserve (坝王岭长臂猿保护): One of the best preserved tropical forests in China. There are said to be over 365 kinds of animal species here, including rare animals such as the black crested gibbon, clouded leopard, black bear, deer, and monitor lizards. For more information on the rare Hainan Gibbon, please see http://www.seacology.org/news/media/AsianGeo_Hainan.pdf

Emperor Cave (皇帝洞) & Wangxia Underground Palace (王下地下宫): Emperor cave is a large limestone cave, 60 kilometers from the county capital of Changjiang. Extending from west to east, the entrance is 60 meters wide, about 130 meters deep, 25 meters high, covering about 7,800 square meters. It can accommodate thousands of people. Inside the cave are colorful stalactites and shapes. Archaeological experts have collected Neolithic artifacts from inside the cave, and some are displayed at the Hainan Museum in Haikou. Outside, the cave is surrounded by mountains, range upon range of peaks, and the Nanyao river. The Underground Palace is also a karst cave with strange stalactite shapes and colours.

Nanyao River (南尧河): The second largest tributary of the important Changhua River. With a length of 41 kilometers, a drainage area of 371 square kilometers, and a total drop of 1347 meters, Nanyao river is very scenic because it runs through a karst valley (hence the abundance of caves in the area). Part of the river is known locally as 'Mural Corridor' (十画长廊) because of the colourful karst cliffs towering over the river.

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