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Hainan Cities
Ledong 东方

Ledong Li Autonomous County has an area of 2763.2 sq. km. The population is more than 500,000, of which 200,000 belong to minority groups. The county has 11 towns, of which 6 are ethnic towns. There are 188 village committees, of which 102 are ethnic village committees. There are 606 villages, and 439 villages are ethnic villages. Ledong has three state-owned farms and Yingge Salt Fields, as well as south China's largest oil and gas fields. Ledong is the biggest autonomous county with the largest population and a highly-developed culture.

City Information: 

Best Travel Season: October to April

Climate: Tropical monsoon climate


Shipping: Yinggehai, Wanglou and Lingtou ports offer freight transport by sea.

Roads: West Highway accesses the coastal area of the county in the southwest while the Maoyang-Jiusuo highway stretching from Jiusuo Town of Ledong County to Maoyang Town of Wuzhishan City through Baoyou Town is the link that connects Ledong to the Central Haikou-Sanya Highway.


Jianfeng Ridge Forest Reserve: One of the most unspoiled areas of spectacular beauty in Hainan, the forest reserve covers more than 400 sq. km. The forest is home 449 kinds of colorful butterflies, and 250 species of plants and animals per hectare. Several resorts are located inside the reserve, and can be accessed by twisting mountain roads which pass over mountain streams and by breathtaking panoramic mountain views. There are many hiking trails inside the reserve, ranging from wooden boardwalks over clear bubbling streams, concrete steps up to one of the peaks,  to unpaved dirt hiking trails which will challenge experienced hikers. Suitable for tent camping.

Yingge Salt Fields: Established in 1958, one of the largest of its kind in Hainan. Located on the waterfront of southwest Ledong County, backed by Jianfengling Forest, the salt fields sparkle in the sun. Mounds of white salt lie next to shallow evaporation pools. Phone number: 0089-898-85855193

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