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Baoting 保亭

Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County is in the middle of south Hainan, only 76 km. from Sanya. The county covers an area of 1160.6 sq. km. It is one of a very few autonomous counties to win National awards such as “National Clean County”, “National Garden County”, “National Cultural County”, and “National Traditional Art County”.  Li and Miao minorities account for 60% of population of the whole county. You can feel the traditional culture in the air. Local crafts such as  Li brocades, quilts made from tree bark, and traditional bamboo musical instruments have been put on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection List. Baoting has the most protected cultural heritage items of  all cities and areas in Hainan. Baoting has a warm climate with an annual average temperature of 23º C (73.4º F). Forest covers 81.5% of the county's area, including Hainan's most unpoiled rain forest. Hot springs, rock caves, and traditional Hainan culture also attract tourists. Baoting’s development of tourism resources emphasizes rain forests, hot springs, rock caves, Eco-tourism, traditional culture, and rural scenery, all of which are very different from Sanya’s sun, beach and sea.

City Information

Best Travel Season: September to March

Climate: Baoting has a tropical monsoon climate, with mild weather and plenty of rain. The average annual temperature is 23º C (73.4º F).


Air: 100km from Sanya Fenghuang International Airport, 290km from Haikou Meilan International Airport.

Trains: 110km from Yanya Rail Station. 

Roads: It’s about 245 km from Haikou's South Bus Station to Baoting, and takes about 3.2 hours. Express buses run between Haikou and Baoting daily from 8:00 AM to 18:00 PM.

It’s about 78 km from Sanya's Bus Terminal to Baoting, and takes about 1 hour. Express buses run between Sanya and Baoting daily from 7:00 AM to 18:30 PM.


Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone (呀诺达雨林文化旅游区): Meaning 1,2,3 in Hainanese, Yanoda is a top-rated Tourism Destination. Tourists are shuttled in buses to designated areas where they can walk through the rainforest on specially built paths. These paths are lined with photo opportunities of every kind. For a small fee tourists can take photos with parrots and other tropical birds, large snakes, and other animals. Special tours involving camping, waterfall hikes, and zip lines are also available.

Qixian Ridge (七仙岭 ): AKA Seven Fairy Mountain, located within Baoting National Rainforest Park,  rises 1126 meters above sea level. The seven peaks provide a challenging climb through verdant rainforest. The path up the mountain is paved, with several resting points along the path where snacks and drinks are sometimes sold. It overlooks a stream with many small waterfalls. At the foot of the mountain, there are many hot spring resorts which can privide a relaxing soak after a hard day's climb.

Xian'an Stone Forest (仙安石林): Covered in dramatic outcroppings of karst stone, the stone forest has a natural landscape. Adventurous rock climbers enjoy the challenge of navigating 20-30 meter high rocks which look like they were carved with a knife.

Binglang Park(槟榔园) :AKA Betel Nut Park features villages where tourists can experience traditional Li and Miao culture, as well as go hiking in the heavily forested area. For a fee, tourists can participate in a traditional wedding ceremony, attend dance performances, and learn traditional weaving and music.

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