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Hainan Cities
Baisha 白沙

Baisha county,located in the central western area of Hainan Province, has 11 ethnic groups including the Li and Miao, with a population of 190,000. The tropical mountainclimate of Baisha is warm, with long hours of sunshine. The area is full of water features, and the main rivers are the Nankai River, Shilu River and Zhubi River.



Baisha County is about 2-3 hours away from Haikou and Sanya by car. There are roads connecting Baisha to Wuzhishan, Qiongzhong and Ledong. Haiyu West Highway passes through Baisha, connecting Baisha with Danzhou and Changjiang. The West Highway and Hainan-Guangdong Railway both pass through the west part of Baisha.





Baisha is located in the northwest section of the Limu Mountain range. It is also on the upper reaches of the Nandu River. Qiongzhou County lies to the east; Wuzhishan City is to the southeast; Ledong County is to the south, Changjiang County is to the west, and Danzhou City is to the north. Baisha is 63 km from north to south, 68 km from east to west, with a total area of 2117.73 sq. km.


City Information:

Best Travel Season: All year round.





Notes: Baisha Green Tea (
白沙绿茶) is popularly used in Chinese Medicine to fight cancer.




Shipping: Yacha Harbor

Roads: Baisha County is about 2-3 hours away from Haikou and Sanya by car. Buses run every day to and from Haikou, Danzhou, Wuzhishan, Dongfang, Qiongzhong and other destinations around Hainan.






Hongkan Waterfall (红坎瀑布): 145 meter high waterfall in a pristine environment





White Sand Craters: (白沙陨石坑): 3.7 kilometer crater where an asteroid crashed to earth about 70 million years ago. It is filled with rare rock formations. Electronic equipment has been known to malfunction here due to strong magnetic fields.






Baisha Cold Springs (白沙冷泉): Discovered in 1980, the springs have a high mineral content and many visitors enjoy the health benefits of soaking in the cold spring water.

Climate: Baisha has a mild climate, lots of sunshine with a tropical mountainous climate. Rainfall mainly falls from May to October, accounting for 85% of the yearly rainfall.
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