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Immigration Regulations

1. Which department is responsible for handling visa/residence permit applications?
Foreigners in Haikou, Sanya or Yangpu may hand in their applications to the exit & entry administration division of the public security bureau in Haikou, Sanya or Yangpu respectively. Foreigners in other parts of Hainan should hand in their applications to the Exit & Entry Administration Division, Hainan Provincial Department of Public Security.

2. What documents are required and what are the procedures?
Applicants should provide the following documents and answer questions in an interview:
1) Passport, including a copy of the information page and the last visa page;
2) Residence Registration Certificate provided by the local police office;
3) Visa/Residence Permit Application Form and one passport photo;
4) Letter of Authorization in case of application on behalf of others in special cases;
5) Other documents required for different visa types and residence permits, as explained below:
Business (F) Visa (for business visitors or visitors to training/cultural programs)
a) Original and copy of business license and institutional code certificate;
b) Official company application;
c) Other relevant documents
Short Stay Visitor's (L) Visa (for applicants visiting their spouses, relatives and/or friends):
a) Verified Marriage Certificate or notarized copy of proof of immediate kinship relationship (proof from outside China shall be verified by the relevant Chinese embassy or consulate abroad);
b) Identity documents of the applicant’s relatives in Hainan;
c) Other supporting documents
Tourist (L) Visa extension (The tourist visa may be extended by 15 days or one month up to twice):
a) Personal application;
b) Other supporting documents
Transit (G) Visa
a) Applicant’s information provided by the host organization
b) Related documents of the host organization
Crew (C) Visa a) The applicant’s relevant professional certification; b) Official letter from the civil aviation or transport department
Temporary Reporter (J-2) Visa 
a) Official letter from the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Provincial Letters; 
b) Proof of reporter’s identity Residence permit (R), issued to investors, employed persons, accompanying family members and students
a) Copy of business license, and institutional code certificate;
b) Formal application from the company; 
c) Health certificate issued by the designated healthcare department or medical institutions above the county level, or foreign medical institutions recognized by the Chinese embassies and consulates; 
d) Copy of employment certificate; 
e) Other relevant evidence.

3. How many working days are required for processing visa/residence permit applications?
A minimum of five working days are required for the review, approval and issuance after reception of the complete application files.

For detailed information, please call 86+898-68580613
Complaint Hotline: 86+ 898-68580616

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