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Hainan's top 10 romantic tourist attractions



A list of the Top 10 Romantic Tourist Attractions in Hainan was unveiled recently as part of a nationwide selection campaign guided by the Hainan Tourism Development Committee to promote Hainan’s many wedding tourism brands.


A selection of the ‘Best Hainan Wedding Tourism Brands’ was announced on October 23rd, covering 5 categories, including the top 10 romantic hotels, romantic tourist attractions, photography institutions and wedding packages.


2014 Top 10 Romantic Tourist Attractions in Hainan:


  1. Phoenix Hill Park





  1. Boundary Island


Photo: gxnews


  1. Daxiao Dongtian Cave Park





  1. Binglanggu Valley


Photo: ifeng


  1. Wuzhizhou Island


Photo: Visit Hainan


  1. Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone




  1. Nanwan Monkey Island




  1. Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park



  1. Yanoda Cultural Tourism Zone




  1. West Island


    Photo: sina


04 Dec 2014

Source: WOS

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