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Hainan's top 10 most beautiful bays unveiled
 The top 10 most beautiful bays in Hainan have been unveiled during the award presentation ceremony held in Haikou recently.


The top 10 most beautiful bays on the list are:




Shimei Bay Photo: mafengwo


Yalong Bay Photo: ivsky


Longmu Bay Photo: Sina



Bo’ao Bay Photo: Yooyo


Moon Bay Photo: 0898go



Haitang Bay Photo: sdljr



ClearWater Bay Photo: 新数码


Dongzhaigang Bay Photo:


Chengmai Bay Photo: chengmaidc


The selection, launched on July 8th, 2014, attracted more than 100,000 voters to participate. Through the means of official websites, WeChat, Weibo and smartphone applications, Shimei Bay took first place with the most public votes among the 20 Hainan bays.



27 Jan 2015

Source: WOS

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