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So you are planning your perfect summer beach getaway to Hainan, and you need the 411 on which beach is the right one for you! That's right, Hainan is an island, with beaches all around. But not all Hainan beaches are created equal, and not all beachgoers want the same kind of beach! So let's take a look at the top ten Hainan beaches, and what sets each one apart from the others.


Sanya Beaches


We'll begin with the Sanya beaches, which are the most popular beaches in Hainan. They are popular for a good reason!


Yalong Bay Beach




This stretch of clean white sand is lined with 5 star hotels. Yalong Bay is a great spot for swimming, lying on the beach chairs under an umbrella, sipping on a cocktail from one of the nearby hotels. All beach chairs are free for all to use as of June, 2016, so claim one and begin relaxing!



Swimming, boating, parasailing, and other water sports are popular here. This beach is about a 40 minute drive from downtown Sanya, although there are some restaurants and shops here in Yalong Bay.


Dadonghai Bay Beach



Dadonghai Beach, close to downtown Sanya, has everything – a boardwalk lined with bars and seafood restaurants, hotels ranging from 5 star to funky hostels, tropical fruit stalls, bustling malls, and of course the beautiful beach. Come down, get a tan, have some dinner, listen to live bands playing on the boardwalk, buy some Sanya souvenirs, and have a fabulous time! Here you will find lots of action and excitement, including plenty of water sports, like snorkling, scuba diving, speed boating, sailing, and more, all conveniently located within walking distance of Sanya city fun. Tip – try a burger and a beer at the nearby Dolphin Bar & Grill, across the street from the beach!


Haitang Bay Beach



Haitang Bay beach is arguably Sanya's classiest beach. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the five star resorts here offer exquisite lodging, dining, and relaxation on the pristine shores of breathtaking Haitang Bay. Water sports including diving, yachting, parasailing, and more are all available here. This is where you want to be if you really want to get away from it all.



Sanya Bay Beach




This long white beach stretches between Sanya's Phoenix International Airport and downtown Sanya, and is bordered by hotels both big and small. Prices in Sanya Bay tend to be lower than in Yalong or Haitang Bay, and there is more convenient access to Sanya City here, without being right in the middle of all the city noise. The beach is separated from the road by a border of grass and trees, beyond which lie the hotels.


Houhai Beach



Houhai is a little known Sanya beach where you can surf, swim, and enjoy other water sports like diving and windsurfing. Here you will find some small hostels and beach bars, a laid back relaxed surfer vibe, and great waves. Try the freshly caught seafood, swim in the warm clear water, and congratulate yourself on finding one of Sanya's lesser known beach paradises.




Haikou Beaches


Let's face it, Haikou is not known for amazing beaches. There's plenty to do here in Hainan's capital city, and there are actually some beaches you can visit here, too.


Holiday Beach



Holiday Beach is Haikou's most popular beach. Swimming, beach volleyball, boating, and many other water sports are all popular here. Other nearby attractions include hot springs, swimming pools, running/biking trails, and a roller skating rink. The most popular activity besides swimming at Holiday Beach is BBQ! There are rows of BBQ pits here, and every evening they are filled with joyful throngs, building their BBQ fires, roasting everything from beef and lamb skewers to squid and eggplant, and enjoying their dinner right on the beach. Yum! Tip: You can buy everything you need for a beach BBQ right at Holiday Beach, from charcoal to skewers to fresh meat to cook. Roll up and enjoy!


West Beach




West Beach is located just up the coast from Holiday Beach. Here you will find the practice bases for China's national sailing and sailboarding teams. You can rent equipment, get lessons, and try it out for yourself! Or just relax and watch the colorful sails of the pros! A beautiful surfaced running path winds through manicured gardens along the beach here, perfect for a morning jog or an afternoon stroll.



Baishamen Beach




Located along the coast of Baishamen Park, Baishamen Beach is the most convenient beach from Haikou's Haidian Island. Go jogging on the beachfront running trail, rent an ATV and ride right on the beach, or dip your toes in the water and watch the stunning beach sunset. Baishamen Park, just across the street from the beach, also offers hiking trails, paddle boats, restaurants, and rides. The top of the Baishamen Park Ferris Wheel offers the best view of the beach!


Wanning Beaches


Getting off the beaten path is how you will find some of Hainan's most spectacular beaches. These beauties might require a bit more effort to find, but the peace and quiet is worth it! And your effort to stick with me will be rewarded too, because I've saved some of the best beaches for last!


Shimei Bay Beach




Shimei Bay Beach, located in Wanning, is home to Le Meridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort and Spa. Relax in the beach chairs, sip a cold coconut, and bask in the sunshine on this pristine white sandy beach. Explore the rocky shoreline and dip your toes in the refreshingly cool, clean, and clear waters of breathtakingly beautiful Shimei Bay.


Riyue Bay Beach




Riyue Bay, Wanning, is a surfer's paradise, and hosts several annual international surfing competitions. Here you will find the best waves in Hainan breaking on a nearly deserted sandy beach, a laid back surfer culture, several hostels, and even some random camels. Hike to the local waterfall or the mysterious ghost hotel, visit the statue of Matzu standing guard on the rocky shore, and chill at the local BBQ hut with a cold beer in the evening.



Other Hainan Beaches


Of course Hainan has even more spectacular beaches, and I haven't even gotten around to mentioning the islands off the coast yet! So please take this guide simply as a starting point for your own great Hainan beach exploration adventure. The best beach is the one you discover for yourself!


by Nicki Johnson

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