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Hainan China International Travel Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1989, China International Travel of Hainan is a member of China International Service, or CITS. It is a subsidiary wholly owned by Hainan Tourism Investment Group and was approved by the Ministry of Public Security and State Tourism Administration. It is among the first travel agencies that receive tourist groups, sell air tickets and organize oversea trips. It was dubbed the Agency with Twenty Strengths for more than ten times and Top 100 Most Influential Travel Agency In China for 8 consecutive years. With a wide range of services and professional quality, our scope of business include trips to China and wither countries, passenger liners, specialized tour, incentive tour, group tour, independent tour, commercial exhibitions, conferences, e-commerce, management of business trip, project development, tourism training, translation, booking of air tickets and hotel rooms, car rental, golf and sea angling, etc,.

Basic Information 

  • Name: Hainan China International Travel Co., Ltd.
  • Opening Time:8.00(Weekday)
  • Booking Number:
  • Customer Service Number:12301
  • Complaint Number:12301
  • Address:1F Multi-function Building, Xiongyuan Hotel, No. 38, Bailong South road, Haikou

Detailed Information 

Type:Domestic tour, inbound and outbound tour agency

Scope of Business for Travel Agency: Domestic tour, inbound and outbound tour


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