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Hainan Xinguolu International Travel Co., Ltd.

Hainan Xinguolu International Travel Co, Ltd is approved by State Tourism Administration and registered in Industrial and Commercial Administration of Hainan Province. We receive both Chinese and foreign tourists and organize trips within the country, and we also provide services for conference planning, commercial trip, golf, group and individual tourists, sightseeing and vacationing, booking of hotel rooms and transportation.

Basic Information 

  • Name: Hainan Xinguolu International Travel Co, Ltd
  • Opening Time:8.00 (Weekday)
  • Booking Number:
  • Customer Service Number:12301
  • Complaint Number:12301
  • Address:12&13F, Qiaohui Plaza, No.21, Yilong West Road, Haikou

 Detailed Information 

Type:Outbound tour agency

Scope of Business for Travel Agency: Domestic tour and outbound tour agency


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