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China Guolu (Hainan) International Travel Co., Ltd.

China Guolu (Hainan) International Travel is controlled by China International Travel Co., Ltd, formerly the China International Travel Agency, which was founded in 1954 and it is the biggest and most influential travel agency in China. It is a business conglomerate that provide comprehensive service of travel, transportation, international trade, development and management of real estate t, e-commerce and etc,. It was the only tourist company among the top 500 enterprises listed by the National Bureau of Statistic. With 14 overseas branches in more than 10 countries and regions, 20 subsidiaries and 122 member agencies in 122 cities in China, it has established a long-term relationship with more than 1400 travel agencies around the world, which guarantee a stable network for marketing and service. In 2000, China International Travel Co., Ltd was certified for ISO9001 by International Quality System. China International Travel Agency and China Tax-Free Group consolidated and formed China International Travel Croup Co., Ltd in 2004.With the motto of progress, credibility, meticulousness, harmony and mutual benefit, and guided by the principle of value maximization and pursing perfection, China Guolu (Hainan) International Travel is going for a integrating various tourist brand. Now it has set up Hainan Yijia E-Business Tourism Company, Guolu Hainan Conference and Exhibition Company and Guolu Hainan Culture Media Company.

Basic Information 

  • Name: China Guolu (Hainan)International Travel Co., Ltd
  • Opening Time:8.00(Weekday)
  • Booking Number:
  • Customer Service Number:12301
  • Complaint Number:12301
  • Address:4F Huitong Plaza, No. 26 Guomao Avenue, Haikou

Detailed Information 

Type:Domestic tour and inbound tour agency

Scope of Business for Travel Agency: Domestic tour


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