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Hainan Leyou International Travel Co., Ltd.

Travel is a branch of Hainan Airline Group. With registered capital of 50 million RMB, it is a quality brand forged by Hainan Travel Group. With abundant resources of airline, airport, hotels and attractions, Hainan Leyou International Travels doing their best to create an influential travel agency with comprehensive business in sightseeing, accommodation and air travel, including attracting and receiving tourists home and abroad, conference, exhibition, hotel reservation and air tickets.

Basic Information 

  • Name: Hainan Leyou International Travel Co., Ltd.
  • Opening Time:09.00(Weekday)
  • Booking Number:
  • Customer Service Number:88989650
  • Complaint Number:123456
  • Address:Room203, Dongfang Building

Detailed Information 

Type:Outbound tour agency

Scope of Business for Travel Agency:  Domestic tour and inbound tour agency

Keyword:Hainan Air Group, Hainan Air Travel, Leyou

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