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Sanya Chunqui International Travel Co., Ltd.

Sanya Chunqiu International Travel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Chunqiu Group, is a leading corporation of tourism in Hainan. Shanghai Chunqiu International Travel Service is the parent company of Chunqiu Air. Founded in 1981, it has a staff of more than 4000, earning 6 billion dollar a year. Its scope of business include tourism, aviation, hotel-booking, air tickets, conference, exhibition, business,personal entrance to the country and tournaments. It’s the first Chinese member of International Congress ICCA, and was designated to host the 53, 54, 55th Miss World Pageant. Moreover, it is the agent for tickets of F1 in China. It is the only corporation that has been granted the Enterprise with Renowned Trademark and the first travel agency established and wholly-owned by an airline.

Basic Information 

  • Name: Sanya Chunqui International Travel Co., Ltd.
  • Opening Time:09.00(Weekday)
  • Booking Number:
  • Customer Service Number:38265901
  • Complaint Number:123456
  • Address:No.239 Hexi Road, Sanya

Detailed Information 

Type:Domestic tour and inbound tour agency

Scope of Business for Travel Agency: Domestic tour and inbound tour


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