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Convenient Railway Transportation

Convenient Railway Transportation

Hainan Eastern Ring High-Speed Railway
海南东环高速铁路 (海南东环铁路, 海南东环高铁)

The railway runs from the Haikou Railway Station (海口站) to Sanya Railway Station. Many trains terminate in Haikou East Railway Station. Trains are designed to travel at approximately 250 km/h and currently stop at 15 stations along the line. Total length of the route is 308.11 km and total travel time is 1 hour and 22 minutes.

The fare for a full journey between Haikou and Sanya is 114 RMB for a first-class seat (including access to a first class lounge in the train station), and 95 RMB for a second-class seat. Tickets can be purchased up to ten days in advance and are available at the station counters or from vending machines.

Please note: Photo ID is required when purchasing tickets and riding the train. 


Origin Departure times
Haikou 07:00 08:40 10:15 11:30 12:50 14:30 16:30 18:20 19:00 20:30
Sanya 07:00 08:00 09:30 10:50 12:30 14:00 15:11 16:25 18:10 20:10



A total of 20 stations are already built or will be phased in gradually:

Haikou East (海口东)

Changliu (长流)

Xiuying (秀英)

South Bus Station (汽车南)

Haikou New Station (新海口)

Meilan Airport (美兰机场)

Dongzhai Bay (东寨湾) Under construction or planned 

Wenchang (文昌)

Fengjia Bay (冯家湾) Under construction or planned 

Qionghai (琼海)

Bo'ao (博鳌)

Shangen (山根) Under construction or planned 

Wanning (万宁)

Shenzhou (神州)

Sun and Moon Bay (日月湾) Under construction or planned 

Lingshui (陵水)

Gaofeng (高峰) Under construction or planned 

Haitang Bay (海樘湾) Under construction or planned 

Tiandu (田独)

Sanya (三亚)

The Hainan Western Ring High-Speed Railway (海南西环高速铁路) 

This railway is a high-speed railway currently under construction in Hainan Province. Its first section is scheduled to begin operation at the end of 2014.

The Hainan Western Ring Railway is being constructed in two stages.

The first short section will connect the existing Sanya Railway Station with the new Sanya Phoenix Airport Railway Station, 10 km to the west. The section will have one intermediate station, the Sanya West Railway Station (三亚西站). The construction work on this section (凤三段, Feng-San duan) is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

The rest of the railway - the much longer section from Sanya Phoenix Airport to Haikou is still in its preliminary phase.

Qiongzhou Strait Bridge 

Haikou is connected to mainland China by rail. Currently, trains cross the Qiongzhou Strait by ferry, but a bridge for rail and car traffic is expected to be completed in 2020, and is projected to drastically reduce travel time between Mainland China and Hainan.

Source: Wikipedia

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