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Sanya's Phoenix Island (凤凰岛) International Cruise Terminal

Sanya's Phoenix Island (凤凰岛) International Cruise

Sanya Phoenic Island International Cruise Terminal is located on an artificial luxury island located in Sanya Bay. The cruise terminal, which was put into operation in November, 2006, has received more than 380 international cruise liners including the Royal Caribbean International, Star Cruises and Costa Cruises, bringing with them thousands of passengers in and out of Sanya. The terminal is only a few miles away from the downtown area of Sanya and is connected by a bridge, is not far from Sanya airport and Sanya railway stations. Taxis are available at the parking lot attached to the cruise port.

To meet the increasing demand for cruise tourism, the local customs, border and Immigration offices have launched measures aiming to simplify the process for ships and passengers traveling to the region.

Phoenix Island, where the cruise terminal is located, is filled with luxury attractions, including:

  • 200-meter-high signature seven-star hotel
  • Five-star hotel
  • Five 28-story buildings
  • Six luxury apartment buildings
  • Conference centre
  • Ferry terminal
  • Habour for cruise ships
  • Marina with 150 - 300 yachts berths
  • Yacht clubhouse
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping complex
  • Shopping street
  • Sports and recreational area

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