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Hainan Institute of National Tapestry 海南省民族研究所





The Hainan Institute of National Tapestry works to preserve the cultural history of Hainan's minority groups, especially their unique weaving arts and tapestries.




Hainan Brocades and Tapestries are listed as an item of National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Developed by the Li Minority people of Hainan, these textiles are not only beautiful, but also embody the traditional spirit and culture of the island.


Painstakingly woven by hand, each piece represents an amazing level of skill and mastery of weaving techniques, as well as an investment of time.





Phone: 0898-86622266

Address: #18 Nonglin Rd., Wuzhishan City, Hainan, 572200

Updated: 9/25/15

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