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Amway Experience Museum opens in Haikou, Hainan

An Amway Experience Museum has opened in Haikou, the capital of tropical Hainan Province. The Amway museum, where visitors can see and try for themselves the Amway product line, is located at #56 Binhai Ave., in building #3 of Haiyi Haoyuan (海口龙华区滨海大道56号海怡豪园3号楼).

With a teaching center, an experience center, a shopping center, and even a coffee shop, the Amway Experience Museum offers consumers a new way to try out and buy Amway products, such as makeup, health products, and household electronics.

All profits of the in house coffee shop will be donated to the Amway Charity Foundation, in order to improve the lives of impoverished Chinese children.

Translated by Nicki Johnson

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Source: 中新网海南 12/19/15

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