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Fresh Hainan fruit to be sold throughout China on Taobao




Tropical Hainan Island produces China's best fresh fruit, and of course you have to try it when you are here! But what about after you leave? How will you survive life without it? Now you won't have to pine for those giant Hainan mangoes, dripping with juice. Now you won't waste away for lack of the tart sweetness of a fresh Hainan pineapple. Now you will no longer bemoan your lack of those bright red spiny rambutan. You can get them all, delivered right to your door! The only way to get them fresher is to come back down to Hainan and pick them yourself!




The Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture is working together with Alibaba to market tropical Hainan fruit on Taobao. Even better, there will be special discounts from now until May 31!




by Nicki Johnson

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