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Hainan Tropical Ocean University, formerly Qiongzhou University, is a provincial state-owned university authorized by the Ministry of Education, China, which is located in the southern part of China. It’s the only state-owned university in Sanya at present, also as one of the ten “Educational Aid Centers for Asia & Africa” authorized by the Ministry of Education.


Hainan Tropical Ocean University covers an area of 1500 acres with two campuses: One is in Wuzhishan city---located near famed Wushishan Mountain, and another is in Sanya – a popular coastal resort city in the south of Hainan Province. The Sanya Campus is Hainan Tropical Ocean University's main campus. Currently the Sanya Campus has more than 8,000 students and Wuzhishan Campus has 2,000 students.

The Faculty
The university has a total staff of nearly 700. More than 60% of them are faculty members and 30% of the faculty members are professors, associate professors and teachers with doctoral degrees. It is the policy of the university that all faculty members are encouraged to remain abreast of developments in their background through their involvement in research and development, independent study as well as attending intensive in-house or overseas training courses.

Colleges and Specialty Provisions
The university consists of 58 undergraduate and junior college specialities distributed in the following 11 schools and departments: School of Science and Technology, School of Foreign Languages, School of Tourism, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, School of Life Sciences and Technology, School of Social Science and Humanities, School of Educational Science, School of Fine Arts, School of Physical Education, School of Adult Education, Educational Aide Centers for Asia & Africa.

The library system consists of central and various self-access centers located in different colleges. Students also have access to language labs, multimedia labs, a computer center, and the Internet as well as to authentic audio-visual materials which are developed from satellite television programs so they have great exposure to the target language and culture.

From 2004 to 2007, students in the university won 26 national and provincial prizes in various contests. In 2007 and 2008, the employment rates of our university graduates were above the national average level.

In the fields of scientific research, the university has achieved great things in the recent years. University faculty have published 17 books and more than 500 research papers, over 100 of which are published on the Core Journals both domestic and overseas. We obtained 7 provincial “Science & Research Achievements” awards in the year 2007 alone. The technology of “Root Irrigation” has obtained the “National Invention Patent” and achieved the “National Science & Research Achievement Award”. The project of “Research on Quality of Non-paraxial Beams”won the first place in “Hainan Province Science & Technology Achievement”and occupies a top position in the international circle. The project of “Quality Research on Homotopy Method for Inverse Problems in Ground Penetrating Radar”occupies a top position in our country. The teachers of the university have published 17 books and 500 academic papers on various journals, among which over 100 papers are published on core journals.

Teaching Calendar
The school year is divided into two semesters: one from September to January and the other from February through June.

International Cooperation

The University has always pursued a policy of cooperation with all educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations regardless of political, religious, and academic differences. Committed to its strategy for enhancement of its excellence in training and research, the University has been forward-looking and pro-active in interactions with the world higher education community. Academic links have increased the exposure of the University’s faculty and students to the world state-of-the-art developments in education. Through international co-operation and partnership, the University has enjoyed valuable support and assistance from its partner institutions for staff development and resources development.


  1. School Records: undergraduate courses: under the premise of the education teaching system recognition (mainly refers to school record recognized and school grades recognized mutually) to implement the different school pattern (3+1, 2+2 and so on). Postgraduate education: Hainan Tropical Ocean University’s outstanding undergraduates may enter foreign universities for further study directly.


  1. Short-term Training. Hainan Tropical Ocean University specialties division includes Chinese language training, Chinese language study, history, tropical seashore tour and the hotel management, gardening, as well as other specialties such as science, technology, agriculture and management. It may satisfy foreign students’ short-term training needs to study Chinese and other professional subjects, to understand the Chinese culture, education, politics, economy and the development of society.


  1. Short-term Exchange Activities.

    4. Exchange and Development.
    ·Exchange of academic information and materials;
    ·Exchange of faculty staff and students;
    ·Development of joint training programs;
    ·Development of joint research projects;
    ·Co-organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and training courses;

For further information, please contact:
Office of International Exchanges and Cooperation, Hainan Tropical OceanUniversity.
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Updated 10/8/15

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