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Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education Wenchang



Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education lies in Wenchang City of Hainan Province. Wenchang City is known far and wide as the Land of Culture, the Land of Overseas Chinese, the Land of a National Mother Madame Sun Yat Sen, the Land of Generals and, recently, the Land of Chinese Spaceflight, as a Space Center will be constructed in Wenchang City in the near future.The College was established since the autumn of 1947. Relocated four times and renamed seven times, the college has developed from Wenchang County Jianyi Normal School into a professional college under the administration of Hainan Provincial Government. Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education covers an area of 25 hektares. There are more than 5000 students annually. The college offers 8 foreign languages English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and Spainese and 24 majors.  On the basis of harmony and mutual benefit, the college has established a close, in-depth relationships of cooperation and exchanges with a number of universities, colleges and educational institutions with the U.S.A, Germany, the U.K, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, etc. The College offers Chinese language study program for international students. Every year international students from different countries are attracted to learn Chinese language and culture here. 



The International Cooperation and Exchange Department is responsible for teaching and administrating international students in the college. With modern teaching facilities and highly competent faculty, the department offers various Chinese programs to international students. Most of the teachers have attained certification for teaching Chinese as a Foreign Second Language. Many have taught Chinese abroad. Together, they developed an effective methodology for teaching Chinese to foreigners. Since 2004, the Department has offered diverse Chinese courses to students from many countries including the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Thailand.
  Hainan Foreign Languages College of Professional Education warmly welcomes international students to learn Chinese language on its campus. 

Applicants Enrollment Qualifications
  Students at or over the age of 14 and in good health with certificate of Junior High School or above may apply for enrollment in the various programs. 

Duration of studies
  Long –term program: one semester or more
  Short-term program: one month to three months 

Beginning class: 

  1. Elementary Spoken Chinese, 
  2. Elementary Listening Chinese,
  3. Elementary Reading, 
  4. Reading and Writing of Chinese Characters  
Intermediate class: 

  1.Intermediate Chinese Comprehension,    
  2. intermediate Chinese Listening   
  3. intermediate spoken Chinese  
  4. intermediate reading  
  5. intermediate Newspaper Reading  
  6. Chinese Culture  
  7. HSK (elementary & intermediate ) coaching 
Advanced class: 

  1.Advanced integrated Chinese  
  2. advanced Spoken Chinese  
  3. advanced Chinese listening  
  4. advanced Chinese writing 
  5. advanced Chinese reading 
  6. Chinese Culture  
  7. A Survey of China   
  8. HSK ( advanced ) coaching 
 Elective courses and lectures:  

  1. Chinese calligraphy 
  2. Chinese painting  
  3. art of paper cutting 
  4. Chinese folk songs,
  5. Hainan local dialects  
  6.Taiji Quan 
CHARGES(Enrolment fees and study tuition fees are paid in RMB)



Short-term & summer holiday class 

600 Yuan RMB per week 

Long-term class 

5000 Yuan RMB per school term, 
10000 Yuan RMB per school year


Registration fee: 400 Yuan RMB
Textbook fee: pay according to the exact cost of the textbooks.
 Medical and Accidental insurance: Students should buy the medical and accidental insurance themselves..
 Charges of the apartment(single room):

Room type 


Room facilities 

Single room 

500 Yuan RMB a month 

TV set, internet service, air-conditioner, water heater, desk, chair, wardrobe, bed and beddings, private toilet. 



 Food: There is a very big Restaurant and a supermarket for students in the school. Usually 10-15 Yuan RMB is enough for a student a day. Or you can buy food from the nearby market to cook in the kitchen specially for international students in the Apartment for International Students. 

 Features and advantages of the Chinese programs
  The size of classes is small, we limit the students’ number in one class from 5 to 15 students or 1 to 1 teaching
  Classes are divided into different levels, which are elementary, intermediate or advance according to the students’ level in Chinese.
  All classes are conducted in Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese) as well as in foreign languages, if required.
  International students share the same campus with Chinese students majoring in English, German, French, Japanese, Russian and Korean, benefiting in  communicating in these languages.
  Touring-learning trips are organized for students upon request, to familiarize them with local sceneries, historical sites, customs and habits of ethnic groups and the Chinese culture.  

Short term programs
  Various short-term programs with flexible schedules and many extracurricular activities such as sightseeing within Wenchang City and cultural exchanges are offered to any group of students throughout the year.  

Completion of studies 
  Both students of the long-term and short-term programs will be granted Certification of Completion and Transcript after they have completed their studies and passed the examinations. 

  Hainan Foreign Languages College of Professional Education is near the busy down-town area. The campus offers facilities such as canteen, dormitories, clinic, ATM of Bank of China, sports activities, etc. 






E-mail:internationoffice@163.com; hndavidxing@yahoo.com

Address: International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education. No. 178 Jiaoyu Road, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, the People’s Republic of China (Zip Code: 571321)

Website: http://www.hnflvc.com/en/index.html 

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