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Haikou Taxi



Just like many other cities, flagging down a taxi is the most convenient way to travel around Haikou. Taxis are easily hired almost everywhere in the city, although during rush hour or rainstorms they can be scarce in some areas. The flag-fall price is 10 RMB for the first 3 kilometers, and an additional 2 RMB per additional kilometer, and an additional 1 RMB fuel surcharge. Taxis should charge according to the meter. Most taxi drivers in Haikou are unable to speak English beyond a few simple phrases, so it's a good idea to have your destination written in Chinese for reference. 

Avoid being hustled into taxis by touts at the bus, train station, and airport. Catching a taxi at the designated taxi rank and going by the meter price is the best way to avoid being overcharged.


Most drivers are able to make change from large bills, but occasionally a driver may not have the required amount of change, or may return less than the full amount of change from a large bill. To avoid being shortchanged or given a counterfeit bill in a dark taxi, it's best to carry some small bills and pay the exact fare if possible.



Tipping is not expected or necessary. If you are very pleased with the service you have received however, a small tip will be sure to please.

Updated: 12/30/14

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