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Hainan unveils 19 new measures to boost foreign trade



The Hainan government recently approved 19 new measures to stabilize growth in foreign trade, including guidelines to boost imports, optimize trade structures and improve the trade environment. 

In order to push forward the implementation of various preferential policies for constructing an international tourism island, the government will strongly support the construction of the Sanya Haitang Bay Duty-Free Shopping Mall to optimize shopping and pick-up services for tourists and support the development of the yacht and cruise industry in Hainan.

To help enterprises further expand export markets, the government will organize local company trips to attend domestic and international trade fairs and encourage enterprises to seek economic cooperation with countries along the 21st century Maritime Silk Road. 

To optimize the foreign trade environment, the government plans to increase the efficiency of customs clearance, alleviate burdens for domestic enterprises, push forward the cross-border E-commerce trade system, construct a pilot zone of cross-border business trade and cancel the scale threshold for enterprises with high credit levels.



19 Jul 2014

Source: WOS

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